25 percent increase in cyber crime against women in Gujarat

by Ana Lopez

In today’s digital age, with the increasing currency of online financial transactions, the cases of cyber crime are also increasing. Cyber ​​criminals are especially targeting women. According to the data provided by the central government in the ongoing session of Parliament, there has been a huge increase in cyber crime against women in the state of Gujarat.
According to data provided by the government in Parliament, the state reported 226 cases of cyber crime against women in 2019, while the number increased to 277 in 2020 and 349 in 2021. Compared to 2020, Gujarat reported a 25% increase in cybercrime against women.
However, on the other hand, Gujarat Police arrested 269, 245 and 322 persons for cyber crime against women in the year 2019, 2020 and 2021 respectively. But in these three years only one case has been proved guilty.
Since the year 2019, there has been a steady increase in the number of cyber crimes reported against women across the country. According to data submitted by the government to the Lok Sabha, 8,415 cases were reported in 2019, which increased to 10,405 in 2020 and 10,730 in 2021.
The central government in Parliament said that police and public order is a state subject. States with the help of their Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) are responsible for prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of crimes including cybercrime against women. The central government has taken steps to help the states to deal with cybercrime against women.

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