16-year-old Walmart employee says she was fired over TikTok video

by Ana Lopez

Maybe there are still things between you and your workplace.

A Walmart employee in Florida claims she was fired after making a TikTok video showing her day at work — and it went viral.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 290,000 times, the employee takes viewers through a 13-hour shift during “inventory day” as she and her co-workers go back and forth between shelves on the floor and the warehouse.

@stephunleashed You keep asking what video got me fired? Here is one of them enjoy?. the Walmart secret apparently? #DoritosTriangleTryout #Laid off #fyp #viral #trending #walmart #laid off #firedfromwalmart #stock #new chances #new year new me ♬ original sound – ?stephunleashed?

“This is the worst inventory I’ve ever done in about 20 years [working at] Walmart,” she says, defeated. “I sleep three and a half hours, I worked 17 hours yesterday and of course day 9 out of 10.”

She then explains how employees should go through and recount each item the inventory team counted to make sure the numbers match.

“13 hours later we were done,” the employee, whose name is Steph, tells viewers. “I didn’t stay for the numbers but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be good. So that’s a wrap, I’m f*****g exhausted, I broke f*****g nails , so rest, tomorrow day 10 and then holiday. Lord help me, I feel like I’m dead.”

While the former employee did not specify what led the TikTok to her firing, she said in a later TikTok that the president of Walmart allegedly watched her videos.

“Apparently the Walmart secret,” she captioned her inventory video, deducing in the comments that she got in trouble for showing what Walmart employees do in the process.

“And Walmart thinks that’s a secret??? That’s how all the big box stores do inventory,” said one user.

Others warned of the potential implications of using social media in the workplace.

“Never, ever record yourself being at work or anything work-related or you’ll get fired,” said one viewer. “It’s just a business thing for the company.”

The former employee confirmed through other videos that she has been with the company for 16 years and currently is submit for unemployment.

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