13 Best Stardew Valley Farm Layout Ideas

by Ana Lopez

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

There are many routes you can take when you start designing your farm beyond the basics. Not only do you have to think about your objectives every day, but also about the map you chose to place your farm in Stardew Valley. With that in mind, we’ve tried to include as many different types of inspiration farms as possible. Some of the ideas on the list are also universal, meaning they can be easily adapted to whatever card you have. Try one, some or all of them on your own farm!

13. Circular Center

Screenshot via Tanner on YouTube

While there are plenty of logistics layout ideas being shared in the Stardew Valley community, we think there’s always room to prioritize aesthetics. This is because your farm is a place where you travel every day you play the game. That’s why we think this layout is divided by Tanner on YouTube is a great inspiration to make your farm pop. Using a mixture of toadstool trees and other common tree varieties will provide coverage that will keep the illusion of a perfect circle.

12. Organization Heaven

Screenshot via retributionpics on YouTube

If you’re not concerned with having a specific style for your farmhouse, you can instead look at organizing it as neatly as possible. This layout presented by retaliation photos on YouTube gives a good idea of ​​what a optimized farm can look like. We can see many single crop patches with hiking trails in between. The player also placed barns directly behind each other, with the greenhouse and tapped maples on either side. Create such a layout makes everyday chores super easy complete.

11. Urbanized real estate

Screenshot via PoP on YouTube

Want your farm to look like you’re walking through the main area of ​​Pelican Town? Then view this layout of Pop on YouTube. Crops are placed in one quad grid format to mimic a town square, as well as multiple huts placed close to the player’s main house. Next door is a Slime Hutch and Stable, with a shed and ponds nearby. All these structures are separated by stone paths and stone lamps, creating one atmosphere in the city center.

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10. Simple and sleek

Screenshot via Sarity on YouTube

Much of the design for Stardew Valley, especially on farms, focuses on natural colors with some primary color accents. Therefore this layout shown by Sarity on YouTube caught our attention. Instead of going with normal shades, this farmhouse is decorated with dark wood tones, black roofing, and surroundings full of rich greens. Flower pots and bright red roofs are not needed on this farm, which gives the player a dramatic and streamlined look for their property.

9. Efficiency oriented

Screenshot via Cliff Edges on YouTube

For the farmer who wakes up and goes straight out to collect bounties that bloom overnight, a farm focused on efficiency is a must. As shown on a YouTube video of Cliff Edgesa farm that helps a player quickly collect assets needs a lot cleverly designed routes. For example, the farm above shows trails that loop in order to quickly grab honey and crops. If the player needs to travel further, he can also go directly to the horse in stable next to their house.

8. Shortened and convenient

Screenshot via Sir Nemo on YouTube

While it can be nice to have so much open land on your farm, it can make the daily tasks all the more daunting. For those who don’t want to feel like they’re running in a million directions to get their chores done, consider summarizing everything. To achieve this, you can be inspired by Sir Nemo’s YouTube video. Center your crops around your house to make collecting easy in the morning, and add iridium sprinklers to cover the task of watering. Sir Nemo also cleverly places others essential structures at the edges of the main space, such as erecting silos vertically and placing some tapped trees in additional spots.

7. Controlled chaos

Screenshot via koroleafs on YouTube

Some players don’t want a uniform and clean-looking farm, but may want something that looks more natural. Looking at one Youtube video of koroleafs, we can find a great implementation of this idea. You don’t want to go overboard and make it difficult to do your day-to-day farming tasks, so make sure you do leave enough paths. But don’t be afraid to mix things up with different materials and paths that aren’t straight. Place lots of lawns and plants around the farm to enhance the appearance.

6. Clean Craftsman

Screenshot via Fuzzireno on YouTube

There is a lot of focus on crops and animals when it comes to farm layout, which makes sense as both are essential to running a successful farm. But let’s not forget the craftsmanship! It is a great source of money and keeps players very busy on a daily basis. Fuzzireno on YouTube gives an inspiring farm for anyone in the craft career, with barns right next to their home, square plots for honey and oil machines strategically placed. They’ve done this all masterfully, with wide and clean paths to keep everything looking neat.

5. Kitschy color

Screenshot via Kyper on YouTube

While we’ve covered unique color choices, maximalism, and clean trails on this list, we haven’t quite covered an item that fits all of those attributes. In a video shared by Kyper on YouTubewe get an example of how to do it neatly line up tons of assets with bright colors everywhere. You can still easily navigate your crops and find buildings while enjoying the aesthetic value of colorful buildings and flowers all around. To keep the area from looking too crowded, the player chose it use both paths and fences.

4. Tropical playground

Screenshot via MerakiMai on YouTube

For those building on a beach farm, knowing how to furnish a farm can be difficult. One reason for this is that crops are relegated to the greenhouse late in the game. This makes it difficult to determine what goes where in their layout. A YouTube video of MerakiMai gives some valuable inspiration, with a plot lined with shrubbery, ponds and playful path formations. The end result is a farm that looks cute and adorable naturally beachywith some color accents everywhere.

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3. Cozy farmhouse

Screenshot via Punny on YouTube

Of course, there are plenty of ways to show your personality through Stardew Valley farmhouse decor, but sometimes you might not want a rigid aesthetic. This one YouTube video of Punny shows that you don’t have to choose a specific design style, such as minimalism or modern, to create a beautiful farmhouse. They made a farm that evokes realistic and cozy vibes through all kinds of small details. One of the most important details that strikes us everywhere is the use of grass to show overgrowthlike giving the house a different color scheme than the natural parts of the farm.

2. Bank orchard

Screenshot via Satoshi Gaming on YouTube

As we discussed in a previous article, decorating your beach farm with tons of crops is usually more effort than it’s worth since you can’t use sprinklers. A video of Satoshi Gaming on YouTube shows a focus on trees, ponds and craft machines (with some crops). The rustic look of the farm is enhanced by wooden paths and don’t leave much negative space behind. We also noticed that they kept the few crops they had on their farm close to the house for easy watering when needed.

1. Multiplayer Cottagecore

Screenshot via Pachimari on YouTube

Many Stardew Valley players mainly focus on multiplayer gameplay, so their farm requirements may be a bit different. This design shown on YouTube by Pachimari gives some inspiration for setting up a farm to be used by multiple players. One of the most important aspects is creating a blueprint that allows each player to leave their home and have a place to work right away. The farm shown above does. Crops, fish, animals and more are all readily available when they leave their home. It doesn’t hurt that this farm also has one effortlessly adorable appearance.

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