11 Kachchis of original Nakhtrana also died in Indore disaster

by Ana Lopez

On the holy festival of Ramnavami, many tragedies and storms took place across the country. The most heartbreaking tragedy occurred in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore where the roof of the temple where the devotees were standing collapsed and spilled all over the temple premises. It is known that 35 devotees have died so far. These devotees also include 11 Kutch Gujaratis. These devotees of original Nakhtrana had been living in Indore for years and their village was also affected by the accident on Thursday.
More than 50 people, including women, men and children, fell into the Vav when the roof above the steps of the Vav collapsed at Sri Beleshwar Mahadev Jhulelal Temple. 11 Kachhis have died in the tragedy that occurred at Indore. All these Hatbhagi all belong to Nakhtrana taluk and many belong to Kutch Patidar community. The natives of Kutch live in large numbers in Indore for business purposes. A wave of mourning has returned in the district after 11 people died simultaneously. The deceased include Laxmiben Ratilal Deewani, age 70 years (Todia), Dakshaben Laxmikant Ramani, age 58 (Nakhtrana), Kanakben Kaushal Laxmikant Ramani, age 32 years (Nakhtrana), Gomtiben Gangdas Pokar, age 70 years (Rampar Sarwa). Pushpaben Dineshbhai Pokar, Age 49 years (Haripar), Kasturben Manoharbhai Ramani, Age 73 years, (Nakhtrana), Priyankaben Pokar, Age 30 years (Haripar), Vinodbhai Dhanjibhai Nakarani, Age 58 years, (Virani Moti), Shardaben Keshavalal Pokar, Age 55 years, (Rampar, Sarwa), Ratanben Nanjibhai Ramani, age 73 years (Nakhtrana), Janbai Gangaram Bhai Nathani, age 72 years (Nakhtrana) include.

Gujarati people make the land of the country and abroad their home in the sense of business. The Kutch community is also widespread and thrives in business with its cleverness and tact. A large Gujarati community lives in Indore. These desperadoes who went for darshan on the day of Ramnavami have become victims of Aksmat. This well located in the temple premises is found to be 60 feet deep and has a lot of water in it. Thus, the search operation is going on, but now it is known that not many people are trapped inside. As many as 16 of the pilgrims who fell here are still undergoing treatment, while 18 have been rescued. It is said that whoever keeps Ram can taste it. Then the relatives of those who have died at the door of Ram have no choice but to understand the wish of Ram and bear this pain.

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